Fred made me a simple but elegant mid century modern table that just gleams. I loved it so much I asked him to make a matching side board, to his own design. These are by far the most beautiful pieces of furniture I have ever owned. Throughout the process Fred was professional, prompt and very friendly. A class act and a class artisan.
— Dr. Barbara H, Washington, DC

Fred is a consummate craftsman and artist. He designed and built bookcases to frame either side of a picture window, as well as a window seat with storage that is now the focal point of our dining room. He installed dual closets in our master bedroom that created a harmonious symmetry in what had been an awkward-to-furnish space. In both cases, he excelled at matching the existing architecture and details of our 1917 vintage home so that the additions feel integral to the original space.
— Rya M, Charlottesville, VA

You simply don’t find this level of craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail these days. My custom office desk and accompanying AV cabinetry was thoughtfully designed after an extensive interview regarding how I use my space. As a result, my workflow was complimented and supported by the furniture. Moreover, the aesthetic of this gorgeous work makes my heart sing. A few years after the completion of this project, I needed a wood-framed, copper and stained-glass gate repaired - not an easy task as it’s an unusual piece - and Fred was the only person I thought of to help. He did a wonderful job. His prices are fair, his work pristine, and his professionalism top-notch. I cannot recommend this talented artisan highly enough!
— Deven G, Free Union, VA

My wife and I built a strawbale house in 2010, a large natural building project with challenges at every turn. We employed Fred Hean to handle our most challenging woodworking projects in the house, including a curved staircase with heavy walnut timber treads tied into a curved cherry tree trunk. Fred’s artistic sensitivity, melded with his technical skill, created a beautifully synergistic centerpiece that perfectly suited the spirit and aesthetic of the house. He is a consummate craftsman and problem solver.
— Brad s, Davidsonville, MD

We have used Fred Hean for several woodworking projects. He listens well and is meticulous in ascertaining details before he undertakes a work. He offers creative and helpful suggestions so that the design process becomes reassuringly collaborative.
Together we designed a bed as a wedding present for our son and his wife. This good experience prompted a referral to our church: here Fred embraced a rather unusual and complicated task, that of adding a columbarium to our altar. In both projects, Fred proved true to his estimate of time and cost and we were delighted when he delivered to us artistry of beautiful craftsmanship, functional ease, and certain durability. We highly recommend him!
— Dan & Alice M, Ivy, VA

I came to Fred to have a crib built for my infant son, and he crafted something so simple and elegant that to this day, three children later, that crib is still the center piece of the nursery and in everyday use. With beautiful subtle curves and solid craftsmanship, none of my sons have yet to escape or diminish its majesty.
— Daniel W, Charlottesville, VA

Fred Hean has done several cabinetry projects for my company. The quality has always been great, the communication process clear and the customer service 100%. On one job, sometime well after completion, several components became unsatisfactory to the customer due to hidden defects in the wood. Fred responded quickly and replaced the parts, pleasing both the customer and me as contractor. He is a pleasure to work with.
— Chris P., CPax & company

I found Fred through word of mouth which is the best way in custom building. The cabinetmaker I had scheduled for the large house I was building dropped out late in the project. Fred came to the rescue with a first class job on $30,000 worth of cabinetry as designed, on budget, and on time while maintaining his friendly disposition. I look forward to working with him again.
— Ray M., Charlottesville
It is rare enough that Fred is such a friendly gentleman in his trade of carpentry and fine woodworking, but he is also effective and energetic. He gets things done. Fred can frame a 400-yard calf barn or reconfigure the walnut stock for a Beretta firearm, and he’ll challenge any colleague who says it will take a month of Sundays to get it done. Fred has manner, dimension, talent, and integrity. And I hope all of you find the above implausible. Rarely use Fred, so he will be available whenever I need him.
— W.O., Charlottesville

Drawing on his past experience as a carpentry contractor, Fred has the knowledge to determine time and materials necessary to perform given projects and the ability to execute jobs ranging from rough frame construction to finely detailed trim work of his own design and manufacture. His management capabilities are such that our working arrangement has always been on a cost plus basis, and he has always saved me money. When a decision is required as to the most effective and least expensive way to do a job, Fred’s foresight and judgement cannot be faulted....I have always been delighted with his efforts, and appreciate his enthusiasm and sense of pride in doing a job far beyond the minimum that others offer.
— Charles V., Rockville, MD

Over the past eight years, Fred Hean has totally remodeled my kitchen, baths, and basement. During that period he has also designed and built a large entertainment center, built all of my custom cabinets, and installed woodwork throughout my house. His high quality of workmanship, uncompromising integrity, and breadth of knowledge sets him apart from the rest of the pack. I highly recommend Fred Hean and wouldn’t think of using anyone else for my home renovation projects.
— Kelly C., Wintergreen, VA and Rockville, MD

Fred Hean is a true craftsman and a gentleman, and he knows more about wood than anyone I’ve ever met. He did an elegant built-in bookshelf and cabinet with curved edges for my wife’s study. I liked it so much that I asked him to do another one for my study! It was a pleasure to work with him. He listened to us and blended his own creative ideas to create a final product of the highest quality, beauty, and functionality that we will enjoy for many years. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in custom cabinetry
— Tom W., Charlottesville, VA
As an artist/craftsman in glass for the past 46 years, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Fred on several projects.
What I appreciate most about Fred is his depth of knowledge and his willingness to share and contribute to ensure the best possible outcome of the project.
Fred is a true gentleman. Respectful of the client, both their vision and budget. All one has to do is view his work to see the care and thoughtfulness of a man who carries on the finest traditions of craftsmanship.
— Wayne C.